The easiest way to explain some of the reasons for designing  &  manufacturing the product is explained in the items below:

Retaining Wall System


In  all  my  years  in  Civil  engineering,  I  had  not  found  a  retaining  wall  system  using upright posts-on the market-that did not require a concrete encasement around the base  of  the  posts.  If  the  retaining  wall  was  erected  on  the  property  boundary,  the concrete   foundation,   often   protruded   into   the   neighbouring   property.   Although buried, this foundation restricted the use of the neighbouring ground that the concrete intrude on.

The  EAS  Retaining  wall  post,  requires  no  such  encroachment  on  to  neighbouring properties,  neither  does  any  Boring/Auguring  of  Post  Holes  need  to  be  done,  thus avoiding the necessity of borrowing/hiring or using an Auger drill, excavator or hand digging  a  multitude  of  relevant  depth  holes.  Together  with  the  non  digging  of  post holes  (usually  between  300  &  450mm  diameter),  of  varying  depths,  and  the  lack  of the need for concrete around these posts, whether steel or timber type.


Simple physics dictate that an item(post) placed in most ordinary  ground conditions, and even with a slightly increased bearing area (meaning post concrete encasement), will  eventually  succumb  to  pressures  from  above.  In  most  timber  post  and  sleeper situations,  the  ground  above,  creates  enormous  pressure  on  the  buried  (concrete encased),  portion  of  the  post.  Over  time  this  often  cause    the  retaining  wall  to  bend and move, and as we are aware that an enormously difficult and usually very costlyrestoration is required.

The EAS Retaining Wall post, does not  need  any holes bored for installation, as the post  is  driven  into  the  ground.  The  design  of  the  post  offers  vertical  and  lateral strength, and that addition of the EAS Anchor and its accessories, allows the upright post to be secured from the top, and the excessive ground pressure is transferred to the Anchor  which  is secured  in  solid  ground.  EAS  Post  Installations  are designed that, if you are unfortunate  enough  to  have  some  movement  in  your  wall,  the  EAS top stay wires are adjustable, and can be adjusted without having to remove the wall, and should not need replacement.


  • No Holes to Bore
  • No concrete to buy and/or mix and Pour
  • No waiting time for Concrete to setNo excavated spoil cleanup
  • No Coach Bolts, Screws etc to buy
  • Each post is marked for instant depth control, and has a facility for removal
  • Very Easy Construction for the Contractor or Handyman
  • Cost Savings should be in the vicinity of 20% or more.


  • Cost saving
  • Speed of erection
  • Suitable for either a DIY person or a Contractor to erect.
  • An EAS post pak contains all necessary hardware to establish the post*
  • Easily adjusted if & when necessary
  • Can be easily be disassembled, moved and then reassembled at will
  • No protrusions over a few millimetres
  • Post are manufactured from Galvanised Plate prior to Powder Coating for longevity
  • High  quality  Stainless  Steel  hardware  is  used  between  the  Post  and  the  Anchor  thus allowing adjustment & reuse, if and when required
  • Exposed Screws are colour coordinated.
  • The  front  of  the  wall  can be  enhanced, easily  by  cladding  with  faux  Rock,  Decking timber, etc, etc

*Not inclusive of Timber Sleepers, Drainage materials or backfill.