In or about the  year 2003, I had the necessity to install a retaining wall at my home/business in  the  hinterland  behind  the  Gold  Coast.  It  was  to  be  built  on  the high  side  of  an  existing driveway,  which  was  curved,  and  had  to  be  smooth  fronted,  owing  to  the  fact  that  it  could, other  wise  suffer  damage  from  the  occasional  truck  reversing  down  this  driveway  with  40 foot containers on board. Anything protruding would most probably been damaged if picked up by the container truck  wheels. I should point out that this intended retaining wall, needed to  protect the  corner of  my  house  from  damage. As the  driveway  was heavy  duty  reinforced concrete, it would not have been advantageous to cut and patch up, which would have been an expensive and unpleasant look for the feature front of the house. As the retaining wall needed to be touching the edge of the concrete driveway, and a foundation would have weakened the existing  driveway, something  else  had  to  be  thought  out.  As  this  driveway  was  sloping,  the retaining wall had to be tapered to bring it to the level of the surrounding level ground. After some thought, I designed and manufactured sturdy posts, and drove them into the ground. Of course, after fixing pine sleepers to these posts, I found that I had a  firm  grip of  the  ground, but had  no  control  over  the  top  of  the  wall,  which  wanted  to  move  towards  the  driveway, owing to the ground pressure crated when the wall was backfilled, even though I had installed subsoil  drainage. To  overcome this problem,  I  dug a  narrow trench behind  each post,  and at the  end  of  each  trench  (approx  200mm  Deep)  I  drove  a  900mm  (approx)  section  of  Star Picket  (Farm  fence  Posts)  into  the  ground,  with  the  picket  being  angle  into  the  existing compacted ground, until it was completely buried, just leaving a connection point at the top. I then  used  galvanised  fencing  wire,  to  attach  the  retaining  wall  post  to  the  star  picket anchoring post. By twitching the fencing wire, strain form the post was taken from the top of the  wall  to  the  anchor  post.  upon  testing,  this  proved  to  be  incredibly  strong.  From  there, many  years later, EAS Retaining Walls  came into  being, using top  quality  materials such as galv  product  to manufacture  various  components,  as  well  as  stainless  steel  crucial  hardware parts, for strength and durability.


Peter James Weston-Webb

1941 at Oadby, Leicestershire, England

Bilton Grange, Warwickshire and Harrow School, Middlesex. UK

UKTrainee F W Woolworth. Approx 2 years.
Emigrated to Australia 1962

Career Australia
Trainee  with  British  Co.  Dowsett  Engineering  Pty.Ltd  being  trainedin both Civil & Mechanical Engineering Started own company Wesweb Hire Services in Wollongong carrying  out  Civil  &  labour  supply  to  BHP.  Developed  business  to build Railway Lines for many customers, including SRA, various mining companies, sugar mills etc. Also carried out Civil works. Sold business, and moved to Salamander Bay area, created a builders hire company,  Magna  Hire  and  a  specialised  civil  engineering  company, Magna Constructions. Sold Companies in approx 1996. Started Volante Services in and around that period, to carry out minor Civil works, and to import product for the hospitality industry from UK, mainly being Portable Dance and Exhibition flooring. sales were accomplished by regular product exhibiting at Trade shows and advertising in various forms of Media. Whilst still operating the dance floor distributorship, my wife and I bought an existing Bakery  Equipment  Supply  Business  in  SE  Queensland,  near  where we were living. Owing to legal mishappenings, we closed This business in approx 2003. we sold our assets to pay the Company debts For family reasons, we moved back to the Hunter Valley, where  I  worked  in  the  Civil  Engineering  Field,  both  in  Estimating projects for smaller Civil businesses, and providing Supervision on a subcontract basis. Unfortunately, sickness in the form of Viral Cardiomyopathy took  hold of me, and that left me in poor health for very many months.  Although,  my  health appears in  good shape,  my heart has suffered irreparable damage, but with the use of medication, I  am assured  that  I  can  lead  a  near  normal  lifestyle,  with  the  same expected longevity as any person.  It is during this recuperating time that it occurred to me that I should research this retaining wall method. Some,  what  I  call  non relevant parts of  my  career  have  not been included in this document.